Toneboys TBFZ-100 Fuzz Pedal

The Toneboys TBFZ-100 Fuzz is unique in that it really finds itself somewhere between a overdrive and a fuzz.

The TBFZ-100 with the gain set low has a fat overdrive tone that gets warmer and fuzzier the harder you drive it. So you can go from overdrive to fuzz just by the way you play or adjusting your volume knob.

When you crank the gain the TBFZ-100 can get very fat and fuzzy with super nice sustain, but due to it's unique design it stays warm and not harsh.

This pedal is very dynamic responds well to your guitar's volume knob and pick attack, giving you a great control over your tone.

Each pedal is hand built, signed and numbered.

$499.99 US

Here are some clips we recorded of the TBFZ-100 into a clean amp.